Notes Found On The Refrigerator: December 2014

28 Dec

Thanksgiving in Arlington 2014

Walking… the pace was quick,

Following from behind.

An old black man noticing wing tip shoes,

Heels worn, and needing a shine,

Stood in front of me pointing at my shoes,

Eyes crusted with his last night’s sleep,

 “I can fix that?” floated through a smile,

Snapping a clean white rag and with an ear to ear grin

Half whispers, “where you goin’ lookin’ like that?”


C’mon Pop! I heard a voice say.

I went around, following the call.

Trying to catch up in my saunter, synchronized in thought

Behind young feet, I crossed the street, to the other side

thinking, I know my shoes and their vast shiny miles.

I have no place I need to go! So, I follow from behind;

Traveling on busy city streets on a child’s path,

paved for shoes, just like mine


Christmas List

The only gifts

that are recognized as gifts

to be given away,

are those you once received.

Where, in the giving,

passing the significance,

you are just as astounded

as when you once received it;

with gratitude

and accepting its importance,

whether it’s a baseball hat,

or, a newly minted

silver penny.




The sounds of gaiety and murmur promised, as season and family unfolds,

prepares, in an old soul, with urgent activity.

Reaching highs and lows, bending and gathering, blending into hearing,

on a Holiday, the season and the family, gaiety and murmur,

in one peaceful, enlightened note


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