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A Lost Silver Dollar

     The clear Vodka bottle stood full, unopened on the top of the refrigerator. It has been there for hours, turning into days, weeks, and months. Every time I opened the refrigerator door— I would looked at it, and sing “Choices.” (Written by Billy Yates and Mike Curtis made popular by George Jones), and I would go about my routine day.   But, eventually— one evening I took the bottle down and placed it on the counter. I found a clean mason jar and placed a few cubes of ice into it—poured from the bottle two mason jar fingers—staring out the kitchen window, I saw the full moon looking like a lost silver dollar—I raised my glass.

  Let loving hearts ache

Release all blame and accept

The seedlings of trust


In case your curious:





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Lost at the Bar on my way home

I always rush home. When in that kind of hurry,

Having to use the higher road;

I skim along the North-South Corridor, without memory.


Lights on, seatbelt tight, dusk on the western side,

Avoiding the State Police, first star hints, glinting of a day gone night.

 I am just… plain whooshing along. Doing my best, with the radio on,


Wishing, to slow down.

Where are my warning signs?

That curve is best taken in a straight line.


Slow down! Change the station.

Lights on, seatbelt tight, strapping me in with all I own

Gets quickly loosen by an exit’s neon sign.


I am familiar with the wolf’s den,

The back road caves, un-protected marshes,

And the snapping turtles shallow haven.


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