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Easter in Center Sandwich NH

Lent 2018

Sound is muffled in lovers ears

With the pounding of their hearts

Racing from all their fears.


We hear life’s music in its hustle and shuffle

And become doubtful of the truth.


Never deciding on what our hearts are to wear;

or, we should go naked, as we should go, before You

—accepting my knee.



Blossoms are near, as well as the seed catalog.

Winter supplies are low.

We discuses what we liked and what we will not sow.

Of course, not because of taste or preference,

But, what our garden could not grow.


Spring light*

The mountains are responding

to the spring sun. Awakening the deep valleys below.

Streams are slowly filling from the melted snow,

As we in Center Sandwich NH

Open our windows and open our doors.


*Photo by R.K. Garon outside Kathleen’s cottage on Holderness Rd. Center Sandwich, NH

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The Shame of Religion [rev:15]

Page 6 of 110 ~Pine Cone Diary~

Why do we seek revenge, when our Soul

        Is a ghost without identity; that seeks peaceful universal assimilation?

Those who capture other’s souls of Faith, caged in hate or repression, have honed their zeal

        To inflict retribution as righteous judgment, on all “un-holy” dissidents.

Unable for their hearts to control their tongue or their scourge.


Love’s prerequisite of understanding, dampens volatile gun powder

        And buries the sword of hate on the path to Nirvana, Olam Ha-Ba, Heaven, and Jannah …

Or any place else that is soft enough to dig with your hands, under loves direction, to bury your hate

wrapped in your inability to leave it alone. Silent until you truly understand.

(Having found on that path, without harm, a pure gentle human heart melted in living flesh

That had no eyes, nor memory, floating freely, Holy above the intellect in senses

without shame, I found myself without anything, for my Love, to have to explain.)



 “In the universal silence of nature and in the calm of the senses the immortal spirit’s hidden faculty of knowledge speaks an ineffable language and gives [us] undeveloped concepts, which are indeed felt, but do not let themselves be described.”  Immanuel  Kant


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Follow me Unburdened Into Non-Violence

He was not discreet

Taking off their sandals

And washing— kissing

Their feet.


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A Million Tomorrows

A Lenten note found on the refrigerator:

When is yourself— the self—

When all attributes— clash within Divine light

In shades and shadows of being

When nothing— can be done— what else can we do?

But, continue— in acceptance  —of who, we are.

As light passes through day

So should being pass— unexplained at sunset’s end—

 waking up in the best –of each today

Better than yesterday—  of course—

and on the path of a million tomorrows


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Awaiting My Rescue

I close my eyes to see You washing your hands

I watch the water flow    drip  ping

drip   drip   dropping.


My mind creaks      swaying back and forth.

I have to balance myself from completely falling.


I ask again      Your forgiveness,

Your understanding   the sincerity     of my last profession:


Rejecting ill will       rejoicing accomplishment

without anticipation of reward.


Discarding  the cloak and dark shades of truth I have used;

Rejecting reality as anything only visible.


I will accept

 all existence      as unparalleled.



I beg that was not me

drip     drip      dripping.



let it be my flaws, 


heavy with guilt, thinned translucent   


in a pool of rippling forgiven sins.

I kneel beneath this water


with the joy of revelation, after sadness,

facing a destiny unresolved.

I bow in humility      awaiting my rescue.


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Renewed garden

Serpent coiled beneath earth

Irrigating roots


Open Eden’s gate

Fallen apple growing seed

New fruit in blossom


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Death’s Last Invitation


My presence is held out to you,

in your confusion and illusion so demanding,

perhaps you can’t feel It, you can’t let go,

grasping things so hard,

clinging to the roots of overturned trees.

Oh, if you could only grasp Me that tightly!


My presence touches you in the sun,

blinded until the peak of darkness comes.

Perhaps you can’t feel It, you can’t let go,

grasping things so hard,

clinging to the roots of overturned trees.

Oh, if you could only trust Me that sincerely!


My presence embraces you in conscience,

with old discussions and new revelations.

Perhaps you can’t accept this, you can’t let go,

grasping things so hard,

clinging to the roots of overturned trees.

Oh, if you could only hold me that strong.


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Holy Vigil

Reverently balancing

Wavering from doubt

Knee and one leg dragging

Making me kneel…

Falling prostate

Head on the ground…

Toes needing a shoeshine…

I sleep now as the moon waxes

Revealed in my conscience

To awake without a history.


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Palm Sunday

A small gray cloud, framed in bright blue sky;

A shadow cast, caught in a light breeze, brushes my cheek.

I emerge from the edge of moon light’s nightmare.

Birds gliding in tandem swoop past me,

Heralding my release with songs from heaven on outstretched wings.

Flight in graceful pantomime

For acceptance of amends, for time served,

And for time ongoing;

I feel the palms beneath my feet.

As dark shadow and I,

For the last time,

Will ever meet.



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