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Show Me How (A Message From Joan of Arc)


In my need, why are you talking to me ancestral spirit?

Bringing me to my knees in guilt.

And now? —to graceful humility.

Yes, our resurrection is foreseen

In the light—of all our children’s

Friendships, courtship, and  dreams!

Yes, of course, why? — late we sleep

Sleeping through the night

And not awakened with history’s presence.

—Bringing us constantly to our knees

In guilt, in weakened humility? And now

In our need

Gracefully show us what to do

And show me  how.


Note: Thinking about the Churches, and all common belief  or non-belief  religions.                                               I grew up… with Jesuits giving me my early education, the Southern Baptists gave me my enthusiasm, the Roman Catholics gave me discipline, the friends Service Committee gave me peace, and Zen gave me enlightenment… I’m sure that is the same process for all families of their personal Faith and the path they take . I believe, we need to move into some ACTION … it should not be our surprise to submit our “Just” presence into injustice. Whether as a group, or as an individual. All the “me” (meeeez) become us.


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Valentine’s Day Blizzard

Snowflakes falling, glittering in glare

Placed after pace, in trace after face

Settling everywhere.

 Wind in white out, whirling haste,

Chocolate hearts and one headlight out

Remembering, a love without any doubt

In the car, happy to see me, braced

And opening the box of candy

Softly saying, “slow down,

 We are almost there”.


My foolish days, I felt, I left,

chases me in hurried pace,

and catches me at times,

unaware that I am not that smart,

 or wise, or perhaps a bit unsound

 whenever I find myself in places,

 making a left turn instead of a right;

spinning in snow or finding myself

dancing in melting rain.


(I somehow, always with the help of love, find my way back home

to start all over again).


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Holy Vigil

Reverently balancing

Wavering from doubt

Knee and one leg dragging

Making me kneel…

Falling prostate

Head on the ground…

Toes needing a shoeshine…

I sleep now as the moon waxes

Revealed in my conscience

To awake without a history.


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Public Library Website

7:30 pm April 1, 2014

Celebrating National Poetry Month

With Local writer

R. K. Garon

~~After a short break there will be open readings

for poets, story tellers, musicians, jugglers,

and any spoken word performers ~~



I need to take this call: on Bullying at all levels

“I want to be judged by the innocent.” 
~Note Found On The Refrigerator~


It is a source of humor,

a real knee slapper

targeted “faults”

spittle in the laughter.

specifications, whispered about.

Measured things of imperfection,

calibrated with latex glove

against the length of a snot.

Wine slurred dis-approval.

Tsk, tsk, between sips of West Coast grapes

and New York City Lattes.


I have to leave now.

Bushwhackers in the bush

throwing full beer can slurs.


when I think about it

Why would  I go without this upheaval;

shame, detaining progress of escape.


I need to leave now.

I cannot sit without a syllabus.

I need to prepare my right to prevail;

present my argument

for this incredible obstacle you present,

in knowing me.


like a mirror on the fun house wall.


I am leaving  now.

Excuse me,

but I need to take this call.



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