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Quadrille #28 Submission

Easter Pilgrimage


Sir/Madam do not interpret

With your own mind, words of “Divinity”,

Explaining what is held

In the temple of my Soul?

You only speak as the sinner you are.

Now then, let us pray.

Without umbrella

Scent aromatic in clouds

Spring rain wakes flowers.


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Follow me Unburdened Into Non-Violence

He was not discreet

Taking off their sandals

And washing— kissing

Their feet.


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A Million Tomorrows

A Lenten note found on the refrigerator:

When is yourself— the self—

When all attributes— clash within Divine light

In shades and shadows of being

When nothing— can be done— what else can we do?

But, continue— in acceptance  —of who, we are.

As light passes through day

So should being pass— unexplained at sunset’s end—

 waking up in the best –of each today

Better than yesterday—  of course—

and on the path of a million tomorrows


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Song Of The Morning Glory’s Lover

White washed fence, stretching to bright blue skies,

Melting snow, quenching bent brown winter grass.

In spring rain and sunshine, true love called

Winters’ dormant love. Having fallen in fall,

Shedding the cloak of her covered heart;

 bared her bosom, rising above it all.

She peered from earth, to arrive,

With blinking green eyes.

 “Oh love of love in gloom and in despair,

Harsh and bright as thou art fair,

Cast season’s displeasure, in sweetened warm air.

Awaken and choose what color to wear.

I have stood tall, waiting and sturdy;

Stretch and climb into my arms in hurry.

Awaken from your winter sleep, embrace me,

climb onto me, my sweet morning glory.”


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Renewed garden

Serpent coiled beneath earth

Irrigating roots


Open Eden’s gate

Fallen apple growing seed

New fruit in blossom


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