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Quadrille #38

( write a poem of precisely 44 words, including the word dream.)

Notes found on the refrigerator[8/14/17]

    I was brought up to be a Jesuit Priest, but destined to live the life of a monk. Escaping the nun’s training, because of their aversion to listening to Hank William’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart” playing in the background— I dreamed as the early mystics.



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Immortal Lover

How can the infinite space of the universe capture

And descend into my arms

Another heart with a mind

So unfamiliar to mine?


[From where could it fall?]


An experience that might as well be from the stars

Blinking, shinning, glittering,

 Far too far from it all.

Yet, sends its notice to me through heart and senses  

Dusting my mind in powdered confection.


I thank the morning for logic unimaginable,

Quietly sharing toast with melting honey,

Black coffee and smiles unspeakable.



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