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Lost Is The Chaser

You have always loved early morning light.
Raising shades pushing closed curtains open.
Each flash from room to room? Presence left bright.

I have followed steps morning to dusk.
I have watched you sigh with a darker sky
And laugh at the sun, for late waking up.

I have caught you in my afternoon arms
I felt your escape from curtain to shade                                       From door to door, calm and without alarm.

 Briskly from room to room almost a dance.
Occasionally you gave me a smile
with blinking dark eyes, in a quick side-glance.

Lost is the love that never can be caught.
Lost is the chaser that never can stop.

Note: Inspired by a modern sonnet by Robert Frost’s “Acquainted With The Night”. ( a must read for all future and current Poets, in my opinion :). The written poem is beneath the video 


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Shadows (A Sonnet In B Flat)

Shadows in love, walking aging souls,

Revel and bevel in a morning dew.

Greater than all beauty in mornings told,

Shadows follow shade, making one from two.


Bodies at eventide embrace the moon,

Waxing and waning, our shadows did meld;

Sometimes impatient with impending doom.

Arms entwined, her heart, in mine I held.


And now, as you decide darkness is fear,

In a single line a shadow you find;

Walking without me, one has disappeared.

Yes, a cloud does cover the sun sometime.


Oh, the moon still finds my shadow in sheets;

Of a lover’s body, empty to keep.


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A New Day For Love (Rev.5)

 (click on the red circle and white arrow then scroll as you listen and read 🙂


A New Day For Love

Wearing in mid-May, on another cold night,

An old worn night-shirt with faded stars and moon.

Blinds closed in the living room,

Shut tight from years of lost nights

Alone, I dimmed the lights.


I traded my night-shirt, for all those sad dreams.

I opened curtains, pushed them back

And cracked the blinds to let in sunlight.

Opening the door to the ‘morrow

Wearing new sneakers and comfortable jeans,


I heard you knock.

Kissing me on the lips

As I opened the door,

You held my face,

blushing my cheeks.





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