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A Myth About Satan

Hatred, struck with punishment, expelled from the Holy house,

Fallen from heaven, Satan, the angel,

Took the blame, discouraged and angry from the fall.


Myth, gave him the armor of obstruction.

Religions forged a path, going around him.

To err in his embrace, was servitude and destruction


Within God’s power and might.


But, we forgot, he was forgiven in the New Testament!

Not really mention in the Old Testament…

The Holy House extended its hand  


And said “go and sin no more.”*

Fly, shed your pride, go back home

Where you belong!


(“Repent: through humility. To turn back from a world

that sins… erring in pride and defeated by obstruction

of arrogance… may be blotted out …with compassion”). **


Now who, continues in malicious hatred actions,

To say the obstructionist is to blame? Now sitting in the heart

Of a Forgiven House without any level of shame.


He isn’t here making you err! What devil?


Hatred in sterile procreation

Is barren in this argument.

It’s only you, in obstruction!


Completely responsible for your actions

Yet justify perfection

With miss-direction.


Free will? Squandered! Melted into armor,


Prepared for an ideology,

With an inability to seek an angel

By your side; one that is unable “to sin no more.”


Gather yourself, no one to defeat anymore.

It’s time for tea in the Holy House;

To take a seat in the heart of forgiving prayer.


*John 8:11 **Acts 3:19


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