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Bonsoir Mémé et le Pépé, Bonsoir

 (curtain rises…both are getting into bed)

Mémé: I’m not asking you to cheat

            Only to tweak. (turning over, back to Pépé)

 Pépé: I refuse to participate, in the choices they make,

can’t you see, Just let it be!

(he does the same and turns over. now both are lying back to back)

Mémé: Get off your arse then, and turn off the light!

            There ain’t nothing right… left to be seen this night.

Pépé: I thought it was your turn

To turn out the lights, tonight.

Mémé: You want to fight?

(as a matter of fact)

            I still got a good right.


Pépé: What is it that you want me to do?

            Again. Before I lay down.

(slowly getting up)

Mémé: Go and tell the grandchildren

            To stop this, this… “Messing around!

…La vie ne est plus le pont de d’Avignon.”


  (re-enters and gets into bed facing mémé)

            Bonsoir Mémé.

Mémé: Bonsoir Pépé.

(Both start humming  ‘Sous le pont de d’Avignon’)

(Curtain closes)


On the lighter side, in my “research”, I stumbled on this and if you have the time… [growing up with this song, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this.]


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Lost at the Bar on my way home

I always rush home. When in that kind of hurry,

Having to use the higher road;

I skim along the North-South Corridor, without memory.


Lights on, seatbelt tight, dusk on the western side,

Avoiding the State Police, first star hints, glinting of a day gone night.

 I am just… plain whooshing along. Doing my best, with the radio on,


Wishing, to slow down.

Where are my warning signs?

That curve is best taken in a straight line.


Slow down! Change the station.

Lights on, seatbelt tight, strapping me in with all I own

Gets quickly loosen by an exit’s neon sign.


I am familiar with the wolf’s den,

The back road caves, un-protected marshes,

And the snapping turtles shallow haven.


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