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An Awakened Winter Bee

She started with a smile, speaking of her past

And all the flyers that she has ever met

And all that have left.


What then do I offer her?

Stillness in the air, running out of space,

She says, “I like your curls.


Would you like a drink?” I ask for tea, but, thinking

I have to fly lower, I start to sink.

She gets closer to me


And say’s “do you want me?”

How do I answer her warmth and body

Pressing tighter, offering her my wings,


Lips tender, and hands

Pushing mine over her hips

With familiar intimacy?


I smile looking back at my past

Flying, landing

In the arms of a spring flower;


Like an awakened winter bee.


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Notes Found On The Refrigerator April 2014

 Thin toilet tissue:

The reformed Sinner, self-proclaimed by an edict,
in confession only the devil could read out loud.
sometimes they try too hard to clean things up…
they end up putting their fingers through the paper,
cleaning the wrong ass. 🙂


None of us are heroes when you come back home.
Whether from conflict overseas, educational institution and training or just getting off the street.
We do what we are supposed to do.
We become that place that sent us out…though some of us might have felt we were being kicked out 😦 

but, we come back with a better understanding,
for a better home, that changes the world by sending out more “non-heroes”.

All activity deserves respect. Creativity deserves distinction.


With so many complaints and maladies
and nothing you can do about them
you might as well redeem your soul
for a fix in advance.
Of course not,
get off your ass and on your feet 🙂

I have been an up-and-coming disappointment for some,
and then there were others.
Perhaps they were just working on their smile. 

No one is expected.
I’m not leaving.
the day is mine.
Now I too, must decide
what to do.
walk or ride?



Taking complicated words to create an understanding that is sophisticated and simple
is not as fun, or as limiting, as taking simple words to a level of sophistication through universal understanding. However, regardless of the words, it is the intent to be understood through the eyes of imagination.
There is always enough peanut butter for another sandwich in that empty jar. Don’t throw it away just yet. 🙂

In all my experimentation with alcohol I have found no useful benefit. Even the euphoria is condescending to the human character. It poisons experience into catastrophic moments that become stillborn forever


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