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Notes found on the refrigerator August 2015

Dancing In Silence


Silence is a noise we try to avoid.

Whether in conversation, in loneliness,

Or, when we are bored.


When it is present, it opens the door

With no mind, to a room softly making love

To no one, in no space, for nothing.

So, before entering

We kiss our mind gently good-bye;

Entering where our heart is,

Dancing to the music, of a silent chord.


Light Green Panties

Can-Can leaves dancing in frenzy

Lifting and turning up

In Rhythmic breeze,

Fluttering in the same direction,

Without any shame,

 Their light green panties.

Oh, such beauty,

And, oh such a tease;

Waiting for the applause

Of the incoming rain.


Song Bird, Oh, Song Bird

Song bird hiding in the bush

Beside our porch.

Born in the spring,

Finally twirping a song to sing.

We hold each other’s hand

At sunset.

Creaking in time, swaying along

In our old weathered swing.


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Song Of The Morning Glory’s Lover

White washed fence, stretching to bright blue skies,

Melting snow, quenching bent brown winter grass.

In spring rain and sunshine, true love called

Winters’ dormant love. Having fallen in fall,

Shedding the cloak of her covered heart;

 bared her bosom, rising above it all.

She peered from earth, to arrive,

With blinking green eyes.

 “Oh love of love in gloom and in despair,

Harsh and bright as thou art fair,

Cast season’s displeasure, in sweetened warm air.

Awaken and choose what color to wear.

I have stood tall, waiting and sturdy;

Stretch and climb into my arms in hurry.

Awaken from your winter sleep, embrace me,

climb onto me, my sweet morning glory.”


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